TRUST Clinical Supervision and Psychological Consultation

We offer psychological supervision to health professionals who wish to reflect on their clinical practice and gain a deeper understanding of the psychological aspects of their work. 

Supervision can offer a supportive setting through which to explore clinical challenges and improve client outcomes. We also offer psychological consultation to employers and organisations who are looking to improve their staff well-being and productivity.


TRUST Medico-legal Services: Expert Psychological Assessment, Formulation and Intervention 

We work with Case Management Companies as well as solicitors, GPs, and healthcare professionals to provide a specialist psychological opinion.  

We also work with employers to offer specific psychological input to support their staff in safe return to work following stress-related or other psychological problems.  

Please get in touch below for more details regarding our availability, rates and terms and conditions. At present, we cover the North-East of England and can travel further afield to meet client need, or, alternatively, provide online therapy.

TRUST Psychological Group-work

Group sessions (typically 8 sessions of 2 hours plus one follow-up session) for up to 8 clients can be developed. They include: 

  • Stress management
  • Managing worry and anxiety
  • Managing depression
  • Developing Mindfulness practice
  • Acceptance and adjustment to health problems
  • Pain Management
  • Improving Sleep
  • Developing self-care and compassion
  • Managing relationship difficulties 

All potential participants for such group-work would require an individual assessment and screening session prior to joining the group

TRUST Staff Training for Employers 

Training can be provided to increase staff awareness and offer basic skills training to non-healthcare professionals within: 

  •  Communicating Empathy
  • Understanding Psychological Trauma
  • Understanding Psychological Adjustment
  • Managing Anxiety and Worry
  • Managing Depression and Low Mood
  • Communication Skills and Delivering Bad News 

The above training sessions can be offered in half-day formats or combined and/or extended to become full days.


Communicating Empathy

We help cover psychological models that promote empathy, and we train in key skills relating to what to do and say when a client has ongoing distress after a deeply traumatic event.

Understanding Psychological Trauma 

We cover core aspects of psychological trauma, which helps staff identify symptoms of concern and offer ongoing psychological support.This session would also offer a brief overview of the key components comprising psychological therapy for trauma, to enhance awareness and understanding for working with their clients.

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